Thank you for a great 1st leg!

With a brand new show dealing with King Solomon's lesser key and the 72 demons, Carlos Martinez wrote a show in four chapters. 
While the stage designs reminds of King Solomon's temple, the ring represents the battlegorund for his 72 demons and the Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash heros. Each ringpole represents one of the four arch angels Rafael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel who keep the evil inside the box.
This tour will be four years long and each year stands in the sign of one arch angel.

Due to the new countries we will reach with our show, this tour won't have a own title. Let it be the "Symbol Tour".

Ladies and gentlemen; We are about to write history! This tour will take The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash in lots of new countries and for sure through are beloved established ones.

Follow this link and safe your ticket for the new age of trash!